What we offer

  1. 2 intern positions in Paris for 3 months minimum: it goes from understanding unsupervised learning for capital markets, semi-supervised for recurrent fraud schemes in retail banking, to large scale data & algorithms optimization (up to 10 million trades per day).
  2. As we are a start-up company, there is a lot to do and if you are motivated you will acquire significant responsibilities regarding our research & industrial subject.

Specifics of the offer
Cardabel prides itself in delivering machine learning solutions that work. Behind the scenes, this implies a researcher mind with skills to mix programming (python, matlab), data science, big data (SPARK) and deep business understanding. The purpose of the internship is to port an enhancement of multiple machine learning algorithms written in matlab to python for anticipated integration in a SPARK architecture.
B2B in the finance industry: you will be able to discover it from the inside.

Qualities we are looking for:

  1. Motivation and enthusiasm
  2. Probability, statistics at master level
  3. Excellent programming skills
  4. Languages: English and French

If interested, you can contact nicolas.zhang@cardabel.com for more details & nice chats before interviewing officially with the cofounders.